Wine Bottle Painting Flowers

    Wondering how to turn your old wine bottles into adorable painted centerpieces? We have rounded up the best ideas about how to paint wine bottles, painted wine bottles DIY, tutorials, designs, patterns with complete instructions to guide you. If you have an excess of empty wine[…]

Tie Dye Jean Shorts

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Free Crochet Shorts Pattern

Crochet shorts are the most in thing this summer. We have rounded up the best collection of free crochet shorts pattern, tutorials, with step-by-step instructions to guide you. These tutorials are for women, girls, kids, men. Crochet short pants are the perfect outfit to pair with tops and[…]

Crochet Flower Earrings Patterns

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20 DIY Macramé Bag Patterns And Tutorials

Did you know it’s super easy to design your own Macramé bag? We have rounded up some of the best easy to follow Macramé Bag DIY tutorials to inspire your next Macramé project with step-by-step instructions. The stylish knotted macramé pattern will look fabulous when implemented on bags.[…]

Easy Crochet Bracelet Patterns

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Handmade Flip Flop Wreath

For me flip flops have always been a sign that summer has begun. Summer craft ideas like this don’t get much easier. There are a few ways you can make a flip flop wreath. The most popular ways are to make them with either a wreath form or[…]

Corrugated Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Most pet parents learn it later that scratching is an essential part of your cat’s life owing to their genetic itch. And if they find nothing to scratch, they’ll turn your carpet, couch, curtains, etc. into shreds to do so.  Here are some DIY Cardboard Cat Scratcher tutorials[…]

How to Make Scented Pine Cones

Scented pinecones are a natural way to freshen up the air during the winter months and holiday season! Unlike strong artificially scented pine cones sold in the local stores that can trigger asthma attacks or migraine headaches, for many people, homemade pine cones are safer and natural. They[…]

Painted Jean Pockets Sunset

Those comfortable, old pair of denim are always a heartache to throw. So why not have some fun with it? Just use some art supplies like fabric or acrylic paint and brushes to paint anything and everything on the pockets of your jeans to give them that modern[…]