22+ Easy & Cute DIY Keychains Ideas

Do you get confused between your keys or worst – lose them when kept single? Then why not make for yourself a cool and unique keychain. Nurture your mind with these DIY ideas to bring out the best in you. If you don’t know how to make them, this collection of tutorials will prove to be the best step-by-step guide to show how to make DIY Keychains. Happy crafting!

Collection of Amazing DIY Keychain Tutorials and Designs

1. DIY Paracord Keychain Pattern

Paracords will always remind you of bracelets but it is amazing how they can be employed to make such a cute little thing! For all the travel enthusiasts this keychain tutorial will be perfect. Apart from this, these paracord miniature men are so cute.

DIY paracord Keychain

DIY paracord Keychain


2. How to Make: DIY Photo Keychain

Photos are wonderful reminders of the happy times we have the lead. So why not gift a loved one a photo keychain so that every time they use it they would be reminded of that beautiful moment or maybe a special person?


DIY Photo Keychain


3. Make Your Own: DIY Leather Keychain

Learn how to make your personalized leather keychain and what would be best as a gift for a loved one than this? The stitching procedures are so vividly shown that you will find it extremely easy. Gift this to your daddy on the next Father’s Day and take him by surprise with your excellent work.


DIY Leather Keychain Ideas


4. Simple DIY Wood Keychain Tutorial

You just need wooden beads for this project. Nothing to worry if you don’t get the colorful ones in the market, buy the normal ones and paint them yourself and then just string them together as shown in the tutorial

How to make Wooden Beaded Keychain

How to Make Beaded Keychain


5. Make Amazing: DIY Charm Keychain

Do you have old golf balls lying around in your house? If you don’t have golf balls then even ping-pong balls would do. Just give them a makeover and turn them into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and surprise your little one with it. It will be perfect his school bag.

DIY Charm Keychain

DIY Charm Keychain


6. DIY Lego Keychain Craft

I know the name may sound that using LEGO figures would mean you would also need some fancy tools but no, you don’t need anything. All you need is key chain rings, chains, pliers and the main attraction – LEGO figures.

DIY Lego Kechain Tutorial

DIY Lego Keychain Tutorial



7. DIY Keychain for Boyfriend

The moustache is so much in vogue would be the best idea to put as a charm on the keychain when you are making it for your boyfriend. You might be thinking how to make a mustache charm, then my dear it is very easy – make it of leather. It would not only give a classy finish but also be trendy.

DIY Keychain for Boyfriend

DIY Keychain for Boyfriend


8. DIY Cute Keychain

Pompom itself is so cute that no matter where you use it, be it earrings or key chains, it would change the overall appearance of the product. These red pompoms as shown in the tutorial are carved to portray cherries.

DIY Cute Keychains

DIY Cute Keychains


9. Easy DIY Keychain Project

Make something unique on this St. Patrick’s Day. How about this perler bead keychain? Isn’t it so colorful? Well, it is the easiest one to make. Just buy some Perlerbeads and your keychain will be ready in 5 minutes. Follow the tutorial and bring the rainbow of colors into your life.

Easy DIY Keychain Ideas

Easy DIY Keychain Ideas


10. DIY Felt Keychains

For this bull’s eye keychain, you just need felt and a little bit of sewing and it is ready. It has a chic look but also with a touch of formality. It does not have an ornate design but is soothing to the eye in its own way

DIY Felt Keychains

DIY Felt Keychains


11. Interesting DIY Wine Cork Keychains

This wine cork keychain has an additional advantage over the others, that is, it will never sink in water. So you don’t have to worry about losing your keys in a pool or anything of that sort. Just keep the wine corks in stock and put them to proper use




12. DIY Beaded Butterfly Keychain

Beading is always so much fun!! So don’t waste much time thinking and take a walk through the tutorial to make this beaded keychain. To top it all, put a charm at the end like icing on the cake. And it’s ready – your own beaded keychain.

DIY Beaded Keychain

DIY Beaded Keychain


13. DIY Ribbon Keychain Ideas

This ribbon keychain reminds of a very famous character from Disney. I bet you have already guessed it. Yes, it’s Minnie Mouse. The polka dots are so cute. Don’t you think this would be a perfect gift for your little angel to put on her school bag?

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