120 Amazing DIY Washi Tape Crafts Ideas

Washi Tape Ideas

For beginners who are wondering what is a washi tape? Washi tape is a decorative Japanese tape that crafters are completely OBSESSED with. It comes with an array of designs to choose from—there are washi tape designs for almost all themes, be it holidays, and special occasions, birthdays etc.

You can stick it to anything to personalize and turn simple into extraordinary. There are just so many creative uses for washi tape and we have compiled more than 120 DIY projects and craft ideas for you.

Cool Things You Can do With Washi Tape

Mini Wooden Coasters Made with Washi Tape

Make these fancy coasters which look great on an end table, and would also be fabulous on a desk. You can use brighter masking tape prints too to brighten up your decor.

Smart Phone Covers from Washi Tape

Add quirky prints to your phone covers and get a new look for your cell every day!

DIY Washi Tape Box

You can make wonderful gift boxes, party favors and more with these cardboard and deco tape. Add a bow or flower to it to complete the look.

DIY Cute Washi Tape Card Ideas

Washi Tape Thanksgiving Cards

They make fantastic, easy and inexpensive gifts. You can be innovative and use the washi tapes of different designs in numerous ways!

Washi Tape Birthday Card Ideas

Making handcrafted birthday cards for Birthday is a cool idea with washi tape, ribbons, candles and more. You can explore amazing crafting techniques for DIY cards.

Make Your Own Washi Tape Christmas Cards

If you love to create personalized handmade cards for your friends and family, then these tutorials will be fun for you for Christmas.

Washi Tape Cards for Halloween

Simple Washi Card for Valentine’s Day

Card Making with Washi Tape for Easter

Creating cards will be fun with kids and creative too. Use different color combinations of washi tapes for the Easter Eggs, bunnies and more. You can embellish your cards further with glitter, ribbons, buttons etc to make it eye-catching.

Tips to Make Washi Tape Cards for Mother’s Day

Cards can be as simple or as intricate as you like, it’s easy to make a pretty card using washi tapes and most importantly it will be a unique and personal card for your Mum.

How to Make Washi Tape Cards for Anniversary

DIY Washi Tape Greeting Cards for Wedding

If you don’t want to make a card you can make banners or cute postcards for the wedding day. Adorable thank you cards or invitation cards which are handmade hold a special touch. Try making one today!

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