9 DIY Paper Mache Cactus Crafts

Paper Mache Cactus Plants

Paper Mache(Papier-Mâché) is a fun project for both kids and adults. If you are fond of succulents and can’t maintain real ones, so we have some adorable paper mache cactus (cacti) tutorials for you. Spruce up home with these green funky cactus plants which are easier to maintain. We have rounded up some of the best DIYs and paper mache recipe for this desert plant, which kids will have fun decorating.

Things Required for the Project

  • Newspaper
  • Modge-Podge
  • Cardboard or Styrofoam
  • Paints
  • Toothpick
  1. Easy Paper Mache Cactus DIY

    You can make a set of mini and large cacti plants from paper mache. Since cactus is quite popular these days and can be seen everywhere, try making one on your own. Add some extra spark to your prickly plants with toothpicks and colored pots and use them as beautiful centerpieces.

    DIY Paper Mache Cactus

    DIY Paper Mache Cactus


  2. Paper Mache Potted Cacti Tutorial

    Add some beautiful cactus decor to your living room with these cute DIYs. You can make different shapes of the plant and adorn them with crepe paper flowers. These potted plants give a funky burst of colors to add to any space. Once the figures are hard, you can paint them and put embellishments of your choice. The tutorial has a free PDF template for the shape of the cactus plant.

    Paper Mache Cactus DIY

    Paper Mache Cactus DIY


  3. How to Make a Large Paper Mache Cactus

    Decorate your outdoor space and gardens with these giant cactus made from paper mache. This project takes some time as it is a giant cactus, but the outcome looks beautiful when placed outside your house. You need a large stick or a broomstick to make it as the base and then cover it with newspaper paste and finally paint them in different hues of green.

    Giant Paper Mache Cactus

    Giant Paper Mache Cactus


  4. Colorful Paper Mache Cactus Plant Ideas

    Your kids will love to do this paper mache project. It’s quite unique because of the use of unconventional colors for the cactus plants. They have used the concrete mixture to make the figures and place them in your rooms.

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