How to make a Paper Mache Dragon: 7 DIY Tutorials

How to make a Paper Mache Dragon Tutorial

Paper Mache projects are fun to make and trying your hand on a paper mache dragon isn’t a daunting task as it may seem. With tons of photos and step-by-step detailed instructions, it will be easy and fun!

How to make a DIY Paper Mache Dragon

How to make a DIY Paper Mache Dragon

Compilation of 7 DIY Paper Mache Dragon with Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Paper Mache Dragon DIY

    Making a paper mache dragon sculpture is not as difficult as it seems. If you are wondering how to make a Paper Mache Dragon, then we get you this simple tutorial with step-by-step instructions. All you need to put your ideas in creation is dragon some newspapers, paste, masking tape, and paint. And in some creative time, your dragon is ready with paper mache.

    Paper Mache Dragon

    Paper Mache Dragon


    2. Chinese Dragon Paper Mache: How to Make

    It’s Chinese New Year and you are all set to Paper Mache a Dragon Head to adorn your room. Not a very difficult one to do it yourself. Make this dragon head with some basic paper mache material supplies and make this wonderful dragon head.

    How to make Chinese Dragon Paper Mache

    How to make Chinese Dragon Paper Mache


    3. DIY Paper Mache Dragon Sculpture (Video Tutorial)

    If you want to craft and create a big dragon then this video tutorial is the right one for you. The finished product looks amazing. I’m sure you won’t resist making this. It’s explained in detail and won’t take much time to make this! Making the teeth gives it a natural look! This tutorial is credited to Gourmet Paper Mache.

  2. DIY Paper Mache DragonDIY Paper Mache Dragon

    DIY Paper Mache Dragon


    4. Paper Mache Dragon Tutorial

    If you want to create a masterpiece or we can say the ultimate paper mache dragon then you can go for this tutorial. It’s a time taking paper mache project which will ultimately turn in to a big real looking dragon. I loved this awesome tutorial!

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