This post goes out for all dog lovers, who love to pamper and spoil their pooches with everything they can. If you have wooden pallets lying idle in your backyard, let’s transform them into amazing Pallet Dog Bed with some of the easiest tutorials. You can explore various[…]

Headboard Made wHeadboard Made with Palletsh Pallets

Old wooden pallets are an ideal choice to create versatile furniture for your home. From constructing a living room coffee table with built-in storage to pallet bookshelf, there are endless ways to use pallets to gain the storage that you desperately need at home without breaking the bank. With[…]

Wood Pallets Bookshelf

A bookshelf is always an attractive and good look furniture piece much needed for all book lovers to organize the collection of books. You need bookshelves in the study room, offices and kid’s room! If you have some old unused wooden pallets in your store then you can[…]

DIY Pallet Coffee Table with Photos

If you love reclaimed wood projects, then this one is just the right one for you! Learn how to make Pallet Coffee Table with complete step-by-step instructions.  Handmade projects are affordable and are special too. Amazing Tutorials on How to Make Pallet Coffee Table with Instructions DIY Pallet Coffee[…]