8 DIY Twig Chandelier Ideas

Twig Chandeliers

It’s autumn and Christmas is coming soon. DIY enthusiasts love to create unique crafts for the holiday season and utilize almost everything available. We had earlier shown how to make candle holders using twigs. Now let’s see how to transform a fallen tree branch and twigs into stylish chandeliers.

It’s time to create handmade chandeliers with twigs and bring some nature into our interiors.

Interesting Ways on How to Make DIY Twig Chandeliers

  1. Rustic Twig Chandelier

    Turning some dry branches into a beautiful hanging chandelier isn’t that difficult. The linked tutorial shows you the step-by-step instructions to make this out of small-medium twigs lying around in your backyard.

    DIY Twig Chandelier

    DIY Twig Chandelier


  2. Hanging Twig Chandelier

    An ideal chandelier to light up your house this Halloween and give it a natural and rustic look. In this tutorial white tree branches have been used. The use of twine and branches is eye-catching!

    Twig Chandelier Tutorial

    Twig Chandelier Tutorial


  3. How to Make Tree Twig Hanging Chandelier

    Create the most stunning lighting for this corner of your house with natural twigs, tree branches, and fairy lights. This tutorial sets-up this interesting Christmas rustic ceiling decoration which a treat to your eyes.

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