8+ Cute DIYs to Make Unicorn Bow and Unicorn Hair Bows

Unicorn Bow DIY

Unicorn bows are a huge hit when it comes to hair accessories for girls or adding them to a craft or decorate your gifts. Girls can easily sport a cool look at theme parties, birthdays and other special occasions with handmade bows. You can make hair bows, hair clips and hair ties with the Unicorn theme, with or without their trademark horn. Get creative with your imagination and make vibrant bows and use them in various ways.

The linked tutorials are easy to make and can be customized according to your child’s wish and can be worn by children of all ages. Their simple look is what also makes them an accessory that can be worn regularly. Scroll, click on the linked tutorials to get the detailed instructions. #UnicornBow

DIY’s to Make Amazing Unicorn Bows at Home

  1. How to Make Unicorn Bow with Glitter Fabric

    This simple yet beautiful bow of glitter fabric can be made into a rubber band or a hair clip. With the help of a few crafty materials as simple as glue, flowers and a plastic unicorn you can create a beautiful accessory for your girl which will blend perfectly dress.

    How to Make Unicorn Bow

    How to Make Unicorn Bow


  2. DIY Magical Unicorn Hair Bow

    This kind of 3-D Unicorn bow can be made with ease with the use of a white ribbon, felt fabric of different colors, foam sheets for the ears and horn that will be required to roll for a 3-D look, alligator hair clips and a few other necessary items. The end result is a rainbow-like clip to be worn with any outfit.

    Unicorn Hair Bow

    Unicorn Hair Bow


  3. Pink Unicorn Bow With Tulle Tutorial

    This step by step tutorial of making a tulle fabric bow is fun and beautiful at the end. Tulle is a type of net fabric and looks really pretty on fashion accessories. You can also use mesh or burlap instead of tulle to give it a more rustic and traditional appeal. This easy tutorial is best for a last-minute touch-up for a birthday present.

    DIY Unicorn Bow

    DIY Unicorn Bow


  4. Instructions to Make Faux Leather Unicorn Bow

    The faux leather glitter Unicorn bow is just elegant and will surely make your kids excited. From the base till the horn everything is glitter and pretty. There is no need to stick to the color wheel and you can mix and match the colors according to your preference.

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