Browse through amazing paracord projects, knots, and ideas with step-by-step instructions to guide beginners, intermediate and skilled paracord crafters. The cool paracord projects are easy to follow and come generally with free patterns.

So time to explore the DIY’s and create amazing survival paracord crafts like wallets, lanyards, belts, hammocks, watch band, necklace, rifle sling, dog leash and collar, bracelets, monkey fist using different knotting techniques.

Paracord Watch Band

Paracord is a stylish and durable accessory and is ideal for outdoor activities. Paracord Lanyards and other paracord projects are always preferred owing to the light weight and durability of the material. Let’s make some sassy and trendy paracord watch bands and wear it around your wrist making[…]

DIY Paracord Ring Youtube Instructions

If you have a passion for paracord projects and you have a lot of paracord scraps left which you hate to trash, then its time to re-use those paracord strings. Browse through this amazing collection of DIY Paracord Ring Ideas and add great braided rings to your jewelry[…]

Make Your own Paracord Dog Collar

Parachute cord or Paracord is an amazing thing to make useful paracord projects. Here we are going to make something handmade for our furry babies, our “DOGs”. Let’s browse the different methods to make DIY Paracord Dog Collar with step-by-step instructions. Time to make some killer dog collars[…]

DIY Paracord Keychain with Carabiner

Parachute Cord popularly known as paracord is crafter’s favorite paracord project these days. Explore with a variety of paracord ideas for paracord projects which are handmade and a cool style statement for treks and campings! Learn how to make amazing Paracord Keychain patterns with step-by-step instructions in the tutorials[…]

DIY Paracord Wallet

Time to explore with some more paracord ideas! You can make paracord wallet and bi-fold wallets which are of great utility and is a great style statement. For all Paracord lovers, browse through the collection of unique and creative DIY Paracord Wallet Designs with proper instructions to guide[…]

Pattern for Paracord Dog Leash

Learn how to make amazing Paracord Dog Leash Designs for your cute little dogs. It’s a wonderful feeling to use a handmade and homemade accessory for your adorable dogs! The patterns are easy to follow with step-by-step instructions! >>Paracord Dog Collar ~ Paracord Supplies  Easy Tutorials and DIYs on[…]

DIY Paracord Neck Lanyard with Buckle

Paracord is an excellent and sturdy material to make Lanyard. Making Neck lanyards are ideal for holding id cards, keys or important pen drives. A must-have outdoor gear to keep your essentials safe and near you.  Sharing some amazing Paracord Neck Lanyard Patterns and Instructions to guide you step-by-step[…]

Three Color Paracord Bracelet Pattern

Paracord, which is also known as parachute cord, is a kind of rope with a keen core and outer mantle mainly used in parachutes in case of emergencies. They are not only fun projects to make but are also with a sporty appearance. The DIY paracord bracelets have[…]