Directions for Making Cornhole Bags

Cornhole board games are popular and the perfect outdoor sport to spend a lazy summer afternoon. You can make your own cornhole bags at home with some easy tutorials to guide you well. Prepare this game for the summer and enjoy in your lawn throwing these soft pillow-like[…]

A draft stopper (also known as a door snake, draft dodger, door pillow, draft blocker, etc.) is basically to knock off the cold drafts out to where it belongs. If chilly winds are invading your house, make your door draft stopper with handy things and fabrics available in[…]

Clothespin Bags

Sunny days are around and with the warm winds its time to hang our sheets on the clothesline. Finding clothespin to hang your clothes while drying is often a challenge for some, as they end up losing most of them. Thus a peg bag is of great help[…]

Knitted Tea Cozy

Make your tea time a little more enjoyable when you have a pretty handmade tea cozy handy to keep the pot warm while you sip. We have showcased some 45+ free tea cosy/cozy patterns with great variation in stitches, styles, and designs. You can choose to stitch, knit,[…]

Cute Counted Cross Stitch Patterns Cats

Browse through various Counted Cross Stitch Patterns and Ideas suiting your home decor or for gift ideas! Cross Stitch designs look beautiful when stitched on blankets, baby quilts, tablecloths and more! A creative escape and collection of interesting Counted Cross Stitch Patterns for you!   Counted Cross Stitch Pattern[…]