10 DIY Scented Pine Cones at Home

How to Make Scented Pine Cones

Scented pinecones are a natural way to freshen up the air during the winter months and holiday season! Unlike strong artificially scented pine cones sold in the local stores that can trigger asthma attacks or migraine headaches, for many people, homemade pine cones are safer and natural.

They also make a great personalized gift to your loved ones and for personal use as well. They make your home smell spicy and cozy!

They can be easily modified through DIY and suited for individual needs. Here we have for you a list of recipes to make decorative and amazingly scented pine cones. This is one of those easy Holiday craft projects that fit into any budget.

Things Needed for the DIY Project

  • Pine Cones (foraged or bought)
  • Essential oils of your choice
  • Plastic spray bottle
  • Ziplock bag

If you are collecting pinecones from nature they are probably full of dirt and critters. Be sure to clean and dry them properly before use, to keep uninvited dirt away.

10 DIYs – How to Make Your Own Scented Pine Cones at Home

  1. DIY Scented Cinnamon Pine Cones

    Worried about what to give your loved ones for Christmas? A good home décor item as a gift can never be out of place. Making one will be more personal and will cost less. Add a few drops of cinnamon-scented oil to your pine cones and zip them in a zip lock bag for a few days.

    The scent will immediately hit the nose with a pleasant smell. You can also use your DIY scented pine cones to decorate your Christmas gifts or place them in a pretty container and give them away as gifts.

    Scented Pine Cones

    Scented Pine Cones


  2. Make Your Own Cinnamon Scented Pine Cones

    Make your own décor for festive occasions are fun and pocket friendly. This DIY pine cone can also act as a Christmas tree décor ornament or can act as a simple but beautiful and highly aromatic piece for any part of the house. Apply some glue on the cones and sprinkle the cinnamon, an easy way to give your home a more traditional feel.

    Cinnamon Scented Pine Cones

    Cinnamon Scented Pine Cones


  3. Homemade Wax Scented Pine Cones

    Wax coated pine cones can simply be a decorative ornament for your home or can be used as a fire starter for your fireplace. Melt the wax and add fragrance of your choice. You can use different fragrances for each cone, add a tag, and make a basket full of these.

    DIY Scented Wax Pine Cones

    DIY Scented Wax Pine Cones


  4. Pine Cones with Cinnamon Scent

    You can use mini or large pine cones for this craft. A little variety of different shaped pine cones looks so so pretty and feel the aroma all over your house.

    Scent Pine Cones Images

    Scent Pine Cones Images


  5. How to Add Scent to Pine Cones

    With a few simple items like glitter, spray bottle, and essential oil of your choice you can make a beautiful glittery and aromatic pine cone. Be sure to pick up dried cones as the better absorb and retain the fragrance longer. You can revive the scent by adding the essential oils again.

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